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The two worlds of workflow automation and simplicity come together with Rymedi’s Connected Healthcare Platform. Automate point-of-care tests, laboratory process tests, disease treatment, and reporting in real-time.


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Visibility across the entire organization


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Real-time activity and product tracking


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Make data actionable using dashboards and analytics


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Agile workflow strategies through administrative empowerment

While our blockchain data enabled platform is centered upon the patient’s experience, you’ll also enjoy many business benefits using Rymedi’s integrated modular platform.

Enable mass testing and treatment with speed and ease with minimal staffing requirements

Integrated modular platform simplifies configuration and fast Implementation

Blockchain-based HIPAA/GDPR compliant privacy protection and regulatory compliance

Streamline and improve the patient experience accelerating access to test results

Automated federal/state/local regulatory reporting eliminates manual processing

User interface and experience creates efficient workflow with minimum clicks

Our platform sets the standard for meeting standards

From the beginning, Rymedi has always been focused on industry standards and compliance. Our platform is the result of millions of dollars of technology development in partnership with customers and regulatory agencies. The well-spring of our platform was working with the World Health Organization to combat the Hepatitis C epidemic in Mongolia. We further developed the platform for compliance automation as we participated in Food and Drug Administration pilot projects on Real-World Evidence and Quality Management System integration in close collaboration with Health and Human Services leadership.

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Why we love blockchain

Unlike traditional databases, with blockchain, once you write information, it can’t be deleted nor can it ever be changed. From a regulatory perspective, we love that. At Rymedi, we wrote our blockchain protocols very specifically for HIPAA/GDPR compliance, clinical laboratory compliance, and FDA pharma and medical device compliance.

“The value proposition for using blockchain technology in the health care sector is to share sensitive patient data among health care entities securely and to empower patients. Blockchain technology allows patients to have an active role in developing and updating their own patient data.”

Journal of Medical Internet Research

The Rymedi Platform Increases Productivity and Improves Agility to Enhance Patient Outcomes

We designed our platform using advanced state-of-the-art technologies that provide scalability, performance, and the highest level of security. Most importantly, our elegant cloud-designed architecture enables you to implement in days, not months.

Five Comprehensive solutions

Blockchain-Based Architecture

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Cloud/Mobile Technology

The Rymedi platform utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructures that are trusted by thousands of companies who rely on their 7X24 available worldwide networks.

  • Horizontal multi-mode architecture allows 99.999% uptime availabily.
  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and RTP (Recovery to Point) ensure patient record digital record continuity.
  • All Rymedi platform functionality including mobile applications are accessible via any modern web browser.
  • Continuous real-time back-ups for instant data recovery and daily encrypted full back-ups.
  • Responsive UI/UX manages multilanguage delivery across any hardware (desktop/tablet/mobile).
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Our commitment to maintaining patient privacy and enabling patient control over their personal data was foundational to the design of our platform.

  • Unique digital patient identifier issued and verified anonymously via QR code.
  • Role-based permissioning allows for precise authorization of data access.
  • Unique delivery of CFR21.11 electronic signatures with embedded encryption fulfills multiple global compliance standards.
  • Separate storage of protected health information, personally identifiable information, and related data for HIPAA/GDPR compliance.
  • Blockchain-enabled multikey access empowers patients to manage data.
  • Blockchain-based Immutable audit trail.
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The Rymedi platform is developed to the highest security standards and extensive control environment that is regularly assessed against industry standard frameworks.

  • CMMC SOC level 3 cybersecurity protocols and regular audits.
  • SHA-256 data encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Blockchain-based key management adds barrier to unauthorized access.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multifactor authentication.
  • Full stack quality management system and IQ, OQ, PQ validations.
  • NIST standards for security, privacy, and risk management frameworks used as the basis of policies and controls.
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API’s and Integrations

The Rymedi platform is designed to easily integrate with your existing enterprise.

  • The Rymedi platform provides industry standard REST APIs that enable seamless integration to legacy systems.
  • Blockchain-based Health Data Exchange enables fully compliant data sharing between parties and systems meeting HL7 FHIR standards.
  • Computer vision and OCR digitize analog information.
  • IOT interface layer empowers real-time label printer, biometric, and sensor integration.
  • User authentication integration to customer ID management system (building, workstation, and system access).

Understanding How Blockchain Impacts Healthcare Today!

Rymedi co-founders Dave Stefanich and Jason Cross provide an overview on how blockchain technology transforms healthcare today and how it is used within the Rymedi platform.

  • Why is Rymedi built on blockchain?
  • How is blockchain used within the Rymedi Connected Health Platform?
  • How do customers directly benefit from blockchain?

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