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We digitize and automate patient registration, test administration, and result reporting

How Beechtree Diagnostics Uses Next Generation Patient Engagement to Reduce Costs and Win New Clients

Beechtree Diagnostics creates a streamlined partnership between patients and their clinical professionals, with Rymedi’s user-friendly patient engagement solution. Rymedi’s state-of-the-art Connected Health Platform simplifies patient management, reducing the cost of services while providing a unique competitive advantage to win new clients.
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How Clemson University Decreased COVID-19 by 95% Through On-Campus Testing

Weekly on-campus testing of students, faculty and staff have dropped COVID-19 cases to .4%. Over 4,500 people are tested daily using a team of only 15 healthcare providers.  

COVID-19 Testing Strategy Report

As many universities are planning their return to the classroom, this strategy report details how on-campus COVID-19 testing decreases the number of cases and safeguards the well-being of the entire campus community including students, faculty, and staff. 

Watch the COVID-19 Testing Strategy Webinar

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Clemson University’s COVID-19 testing program leaders share how they lowered their COVID-19 prevalence rate from 5.5% at the start of the fall semester to 0.4% this spring through on-campus testing.
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Rapid Response with Real-Time Analytics

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“Rymedi and the Onom Foundation have shown us the future of coordinated test and treat disease campaigns.”

– World Health Organization, Viral Hepatitis statement on World Hepatitis Day

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“Rymedi provides a foundation for sharing, ingesting, and securing data assets while protecting privacy. The Rymedi platform is the ideal way for companies to reinvent their businesses for connected health ecosystems.“

 – Jose Arrieta, former CIO and Chief Data Officer, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

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“Rymedi has given us the ability to completely streamline our patient intake procedures, enabling us to increase our testing capacity. The whole process has enhanced our customer experience.”

– Felix Mirando, Chairman, ARCpoint Labs

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