How Beechtree Diagnostics Uses Next Generation Patient Engagement to Reduce Costs and Win New Clients

Beechtree Diagnostics creates a streamlined partnership between patients and their clinical professionals, with Rymedi’s user-friendly patient engagement solution. Rymedi’s state-of-the-art Connected Health Platform simplifies patient management, reducing the cost of services while providing a unique competitive advantage to win new clients.

Clemson University

Clemson University was a leading adopter of campus-wide COVID-19 testing. Over 25,000 student, faculty, and staff members who plan to access the campus are required to take once-a-week COVID-19 tests. 

“We tested 18,099 people last week and 0.4% were positive compared to the start of the fall semester when the numbers were much higher at over 5.5%. We’ve taken all of these numbers way down through testing. Using Rymedi’s COVID-19 Testing Workflow Management we have fast testing turnaround times so we can test people every week.”

Lisa Knox, Director of Strategy, Clemson University

Positive Cases Dropped from Over 5% in Fall to .4% in the Spring Semester

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Tracking

The success of the testing program is due to the speed and ease of the weekly testing.
The average test time including wait time, QR (Quick Response) check-in, and providing a saliva sample is less than 5 minutes

Automated Testing and Paperless Reporting Workflow Process

Clemson is testing 4,500 people a day on average using a team 15 healthcare providers.
Without Rymedi, this type of assembly line mass testing would have required 75 people to perform testing and administrative tasks.

Rymedi’s Color-coded Health Passport Indicates Test Takers Risk Status

Test Results

Rymedi’s Connected Diagnostics Platform was implemented in 48 hours completely Integrated with the university’s existing systems

COVID-19 Testing Strategy Report

As many universities are planning their return to the classroom, this strategy report details how on-campus COVID-19 testing decreases the number of cases and safeguards the well-being of the entire campus community including students, faculty, and staff. 

Watch the COVID-19 Testing Strategy Webinar

Clemson Circle logo
Clemson University’s COVID-19 testing program leaders share how they lowered their COVID-19 prevalence rate from 5.5% at the start of the fall semester to 0.4% this spring through on-campus testing.

“We did our heaviest testing before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and I literally believe we saved people’s lives. This provided the college student with the foresight to say, “I’m positive so I’m not going to see my grandparents, or I’m negative and it’s safe for me to do so as long as I’ve kept myself safe the past couple of days.”

– Robert Donato, Chief Strategy Officer, Clemson University


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